If Treatment Doesn’t Work…

If treatment fails to help your loved one, you and your family will face even greater difficulties. Learn about things that could help you ease this time.


Anne Jäkel

Nur Barlasakli

Roland Schäfli


If treatment fails to help your sibling or parent, you and your family will face even greater difficulties. Many of your feelings may be similar to those you had when you first discovered that a loved member had cancer. When the future is unknown, kids advise making the most of the time they have.

Do something unique as a family. If they are in the hospital, call and visit as often as possible. Make a note and draw a picture. Make some special time together. Tell your family member how much you love them.

Stay focused. When people receive terrible news, they frequently feel as if they are living outside of themselves, as if life is going on without them. Maintain a routine and keep active in activities that are important to you.

Have faith. Never give up hope for tomorrow. Try not to be too harsh on yourself. Even if you don’t believe it right now, there is more good in the world than bad.

When you feel alone, seek help. Make a point of finding people who can assist you. Aside from your family, it may be beneficial to speak with a social worker, counselor, or members of a support group. It is necessary to express your emotions.


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